Tools for Independent Publishers  
by Tracy Million Simmons and Carol Yoho

Digital E-Book Creation/Distribution

Print-On-Demand Services

Technical, for Do-it-yourselfers

Websites/Blog Platforms (Free) Wikipedia’s Comparison of Free Web Hosting Services

Social Media/Networking

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

Book Specific Sites – Reader/author networking?

Book Specific Sites – Reader/author networking?

Authors (both indie and traditionally published) who are impressive marketers (and maybe doing things a bit differently than before)

  • John Green -

    • John (an author) and his brother Hank (a musician) publish video logs as letters to each other.  As well, they host several educational video channels that are widely popular and networked with vloggers world-wide.

    • Founder of – linking collaborative projects, theme-oriented online social groups based on books/television shows, and much more. All geared to the under 20 crowd.

  • Hugh Howey -

    • Self publish to partial traditional publishing (he retains e-book rights to his novels)

    • His blog includes many posts on publishing and promotion

    • He keeps “progress meters” of his works in progress on his website

  • Joshilyn Jackson -

    • Active blogger/shares a lot of personal stories/big reader feedback

  • Kevin Brennan -

    • traditionally published to self published author, considers his efforts experimental, has many thoughtful posts and links